Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cafe Emilie

Today I was taken to Cafe Emilie for lunch. It is in the St. Matthews area of Louisville, just minutes from the seminary. Jaye had been there before, but the rest of us hadn't.
We got right in, but it was only about 1130, by the time we were halfway done, it had gotten busy and full. That leads me to mention my really only downfall to this restaurant - there is no sound absorption. It was very loud in there. I even saw 3 elderly ladies come in, and leave in 2 minutes, saying to their waitress, its just so loud in here.
We had a variety of things at our table: blt on toasted wheat with tomato basil soup, caesar with the same soup and feta cheese, greek salad, roasted chicken tortellini with vodka sauce. All were good by all of us. the BLT is one of my fave sandwiches, and since it was kind of cooler outside this morning, I went with the soup - it was a good, creamy, tasty mix.
Our waiter was great. He laughed at us looking at pictures of one's kids - but then he showed us his that was tucked in his ticket book. He was a great waiter.
I enjoyed my first outing in Louisville!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dorm kitchen cooking

Well, now that I live in Mullins Dorm on Southern's Campus (actually it is for Boyce College girls) - I cook in a kitchen for a lot of people. Not that I've seen many people in it - but that doesn't mean anything. Everything takes longer. The stove must not work real well because it took me about 30 minutes to boil a pot of water - and it was on high. I deboned a rotisserie chicken from Wal-Mart. I made a whole batch of pasta salad (whole wheat penne, chicken, seeded half moon cuks, diced green peppers, cherry tomatoes - whole because my knife was not sharp enough to cut them in half - diced carrots, and ff italian dressing). It made about 8 cups so that will be my meals for the next week along with PBJ sandwiches, granola bars, fruit, and canned veggies. Don't worry - I'm going to Walmart again today - but this time to a SW in IN.

Oh the joys!