Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Today was spent hanging out with my good friend Claudie...we had fun driving around Cary and Raleigh - neither being in a hurry and not afraid to take a wrong turn. We went to Whole Foods on Wade Ave in Raleigh. It is the best one in the area. We got fruit and granola and some turkey. We both raved over the fresh fruit - berries (black, rasp-, and straw-) and pineapple - all were fantastically seasonal and great! :) The best granola we found was a soy granola - with little soy kernels in them. It was so good!
Then we made our way into Cary to try the new Trader Joes - along with the rest of the town of Cary. It was great. My only other one was in Boston - this one was one level and not three. Good prices, much lower than the one in Boston. I found some good cereal, some Mojito sauce that Rach told me to try, and some shrimp. Can't wait to try everything.
I love grocery shopping when I just have time to go around and I'm not in a hurry. Try it some time - grocery shopping without a time limit or grocery list.

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