Monday, February 11, 2008

Papalenos - Berea, KY

This weekend I went to Berea, KY to enjoy a weekend with my friend, Felicity, and her new husband, Kevin. Since Kevin was gone all day on Saturday, Felicity and I enjoyed an early dinner at Papalenos. A quaint inexpensive Italian place in the heart of Berea - this place had most everything you would want:
a fountain drink dispenser (although it was Pepsi)
fun wait staff
a rustic interior
great breadsticks - ok - it was more like a bread brick. It was huge. And they serve it in a butter dish because they have poured melted butter (probably 1/4 cup) over the top and then you have the butter in the bottom to sop up with your bread. Fantastic - although not too healthy.
great food - I got the baked spaghetti with meatballs. The sauce was perfect - not too spicy, not too acidic, not too chunky - a good marinara sauce. The meatballs on top with the melted cheese (melted in the dish it was served in, very rustic style). Felicity got the ravioli florentine which was amazing. Spinich inside of ravioli with alfredo sauce - the sauce was great! Best alfredo sauce I would say I've had. Man - it was good.
So, here's a perfect weekend in Berea...go early on a Saturday morning (about a 2 hour drive from Louisville). Eat Papalenos for lunch, go hike the pinnacles, then grab sonny's on your way home (in Richmond).


Gin said...

Next time, try MamaLeno's lasagna or the veggie chicken stir fry with banana pepper rings served over spaghetti. Out of this world. Just needs a little salt. And you're right about the bread...some of the best you can eat!

kd said...

I heard both were excellent! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that place! There's nothing better than climbing the West Pinnacle to the top boulder. You can see many counties form there. Sonnys is quite yummy when you are starved after a fun day. Next time you are here go out to Acres of Land for a nice dinner and vino.


Anonymous said...

I live here in Berea, and love papalenos! All of their bread products i.e. pizza and sub rolls are home made! Their steak subs are awesome! Request fries instead of the chips tho, they are also yummylicious!