Saturday, April 28, 2007

Taste of Ocoee - Soong Thai

Yippee! I found a great Thai restaurant here in FL! I was really giving up hope of even finding one, much less it being great. This restaurant is in the top 10 Thai in Orlando. About 20 minutes from where A/T live - near tons of shopping on 50 (Colonial) right off the 408.
We split three things - so we could try more. We got the Pad Thai - very similar to Chai's in Durham which I love. That was definitely my favorite. We also got the Amazing chicken - Alan really liked that one. We also got the Panang Beef - the spiciest of the three. Pad Thai had chicken and shrimp. The Panang had peppers and zucchini, the chicken had peppers - both were in a coconut curry sauce - very very good. It is in the 6-12$ price range and the atmosphere is wonderful and the people very friendly. Definitely if you are in Orlando and are up for an adventure - you gotta try it!
So - now I've found one - and it is only an hour away. Well, I guess it will have to do in between trips to NC. :)

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