Monday, April 23, 2007

Taste of Placida - Fishery Restaurant

Went down to Placida (by Boca Grande, north of Ft. Myers) for lunch today. I know - why go so far for lunch? My Dad knows the owners from when he grew up in Arcadia. This was my first trip down there.

Salad and bread were nothing to rave about. The Gator Bites were good. I ordered the cajun shrimp - small shrimp with entirely HOT cajun seasoning on it over yellow rice and black beans. It was good - but all you tasted was the hot. Then, I split that with mom for some of her grouper sandwich - the best fried fish sandwich I've ever put in my mouth. Flaky, moist, fresh catch of the day slightly battered, great with the fresh tomato slice and tarter sauce. It was amazing.

Then for dessert we split an orange key lime pie slice. That was great too. Slight hint of orange and then it was the color orange too - but you could definitely tell it was key lime pie. Dad got the key lime cheesecake - it was very creamy but not too much of a key lime flavor.

The best thing about the restaurant was the view - looking right into the gulf - right on the water, looking at the dock and the seagulls and the boats coming in.

most decidedly dinner is not on the menu and it was well worth the drive!

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