Monday, November 19, 2007

The Standard

What a treat. This is a must stop for anyone in Nashville.
The history in this house sets the dinner mood. It is an amazing atmosphere made even better by excellent wait staff and delicious food.
I ordered the pork medallions with brown mustard cream sauce, pancetta cheese grits, and chef's veggies. The pork was cooked perfectly, the veggies too. I tasted some of the chilian sea bass and it was so moist and delicate with such a fantastic flavor. We ordered the sweet potato fries for appetizer and they were great, with a mustard and a spicy mayo dipping sauce. The sourdough bread was warm - by that time we were all pretty much full! For dessert we got some key lime pie (I am from Florida, so this didn't win me over) and a dark multi-chocolate cake - now that was great!
We had fantastic service. Prompt everything - even without reservations. Black napkin in the lap, table talks with the chefs - what service! :) We closed them down.
In a way I dislike going to these restaurants - you know, the really nice ones...they spoil you for going to normal restaurants.
This was such a treat! I'll never forget!

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