Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taste of Louisville: Genny's Diner

Ok - so Lorie and I went to lunch the other day since it is quiet around here and they weren't serving cream of tomato soup in the cafeteria! (Please, bring back the soup!)

So, we were going to go to Panera, then to Taco Bell, then she starts telling me about this frickled pickles - so we turned around and went back to where we started from and ate at a little diner called Genny's. This big - little diner comes complete with neon signs as you can tell (I didn't take the picture, but thanks to the internet you too can see inside Genny's), piranha tanks - they stare you down, - and a poor little fish that has a bad back, so he just lays on the floor of the tank - how sad!

Service was slow even though there weren't many people in the restaurant and my fork was dirty.

Now, onto some good things!

We split an order of frickled pickles. These were sliced dill pickles that had been lightly battered and fried. They weren't that heavy - but they had lots of grease left on the plate. I love the bite of vinegar and the friedness and the ranch dressing- good combination

Then we split a medium cheeseburger that Lorie wanted cooked well - but there was still pink in and it was good and juicy! Maybe come a distant second to Red Robin. It was yummy. Tasted a lot like Wendy's hamburgers do - only these are much bigger!

So - the fish were cool, the prices were good, the food was good, it wasn't the cleanest place - but I think my family would enjoy it!

Thanks Lorie for another taste of Louisville!

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