Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taste of Louisville: J.Alexander's

If I could find a restaurant similar to my former fave place in Raleigh - Lucky 32 - this would be it. Now, the bathroom isn't as cool, and the food is slightly more expensive - but it is quality and great.
I was treated there today for Christmas. It was great - it was my first time being there - having heard it was very good.
The service was great. Funny waiter but very "whatever you need, it is my pleasure". Knew a good deal about the food and liked the food he served - so that is good. No black napkin though, oh, well.
I had the pork tenderloin - tons of it, cooked perfectly with a soy sauce red pepper glaze on it - amazing glaze with a just the right amount of heat. I substituted the mashed potatoes for spaghetti squash - and loved it!
The desserts were great - key lime pie - which was about two slices in one - very creamy, not too tart. Had a great graham cracker and pecan crust - topped with whipped cream and bits of graham cracker. The other one we all shared was a dark chocolate bundt cake with ice cream and tons of sauce - it really wasn't as good as the chocolate cake at the Standard House - so it could improve!
So, maybe I've found a Lucky 32 here! (and it is a chain - but it is good).

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