Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sundays are MADE for Breakfast

I love going to church at night. That affords me things I haven't been able to do in the past on Sundays: prepare for church, sleep in a little, not have a rushed morning, and enjoy a great breakfast.

I love Sarah Foster. She is the chef/owner of Foster's Market in Durham and Chapel Hill. I like the Durham restaurant better because of the outside seating and the fact that Sarah is at that one more, plus it was only abou 1 mile from where I lived. Her cookbook, Fresh Every Day, is seasonal and simple - and a lot of recipes she uses in her restaurant! made my first Toad in the Hole. I know simple, but yummy.

1 egg

1 piece of bread (I only had whole wheat no added sugar, but any would be great)

olive oil, butter (tsp of each)


Heat oil and butter (I probably used too much olive oil - I need to even it out for the taste next time). Heat bread, dump egg in a hole created by a cup or something (cut out). Cook for about a minute on the first side, then flip. Cook till desired doneness of egg. I never used to like mine runny, but it isn't that bad.

Then I had one of my peaches and tomatoes, some milk, water, and read in the Proverbs to help prepare for church tonight.

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