Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Whole Food Month - Day 4

Today was all meals out. Wow - that is hard. Well, I think I did fairly well in sticking to whole food eating - even when eating out. It is possible.

Breakfast - banana with pb, whole grain bagel with pb at Panera. I brought my own TJ pb which I love. (But I left it in fridge at work so now I gotta figure out breakfast in the morning). I went back and forth between yogurt parfait and bagel. I chose the bagel bc even though both were processed: the bagel had less sugar, more protein and fiber, less fat, and about the same amount of calories.

Snack during staff meeting: bowl of fruit (loved it - more please)

Lunch: Japan Express. I had hibatchi vegetables and brown rice. I loved it - ate 2/3 of the rice throughout the afternoon and all the veggies. No white sauce (which is yummy by the way). What I found out about this was that it didn't fill me up. I was so hungry!

Snack: peanuts and craisins. I am finding these to be the perfect afternoon snack - but no more.

Dinner: 5 piece of sushi at Champas, green salad with ginger dressing, and 3 bites of chicken pad thai (had to try it, and it was very yummy). Still think Chai's and Simply Thai is better - but good none the less.

All the water and unsweet tea (for breakfast) I could drink. 2.4 miles today. So, I think I did pretty well but tomorrow will be easier as only 1 meal will be out and Thursday (as of now) no meals are out!

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