Sunday, May 02, 2010

Whole Month Eating - Day 2

Day 2 has come, happened, and is almost gone (I'm going to bed early). Today was better than yesterday because I was able to eat my meals at home and skip (or alter) the meals i ate out. Here we go:

1. This will definitely help me make choices this month - although I don't think it is sustainable for me. Tonight - I passed up on Subway whole wheat 6 inch sandwiches (just eating the lettuce and 1 triangle of cheese). These were healthy - just processed. So...while I think it is good for 31 days - I think I'll be back to normal whole grain eating with limited processed foods.
2. I was hungry today. Gotta eat some more protein for lunch.

Breakfast: oats with milk and water (I will be drinking/eating most dairy during this month because I need the nutrients). TJ unsalted crunch pb (only peanuts), ground flax seeds, banana

Church: passed on hot chocolate and Daylight Doughnuts (I would have had both if this has been 3 days ago).

Lunch: romaine with carrots, celery, tom, onion, cashews, and mustard. I really wanted something salty (like pretzels), but the cashews and mustard did the trick! I also had a few pieces of mango with 1 T of cool whip free (I know, not whole, but I don't want it to go to waste)

Graduation Party I went to: 1 cube colby cheese, grapes, canteloupe, plain almonds (no petit fors, or crackers, or punch)

Dinner: lettuce and cheese (from Subway sandwich), nuts and craisins from trail mix, oats/pb/apple.

Tons of water today. It was hot. Jillian and then bed. I'm very tired today. May have been the lack of sleep catching up to me from friday night or the heat or being around people from 745-515 - but I'm ready for bed!

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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Good for you for skipping the donuts! I know how hard that is.

At Subway you can get any sandwich turned into a salad, which is what I would do. Also, I don't know if you guys have Jimmy John's down there but you can get your sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, it's pretty crisp and refreshing too.

And I'm glad you are eating oatmeal for grains. You could also do brown rice, whole wheat couscous, etc. with dinner if you feel like you need more.