Thursday, October 12, 2006

Restaurant Review - Cinelli's

This is an Italian place I went to today. I went with my pastor's wife and her daughter. It is one of her favorite places - especially the baked ziti.
But, I honestly wasn't impressed with it - here's why:

Escarole and White Bean Soup - needed pepper, tasted good other than that. Too much olive oil. I'm looking for a recipe for it so I can make it - and make it taste better!
House Salad - nothing to it and way too expensive. 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, romaine, red onion, (then 2 black olives and pepper - which I removed). The dressing was good - their house, a balsamic which was pretty good.
Garlic Knots - really garlic bread muffins - that's how big they were. When I sqeezed them to pull some off, they oozed olive oil - way too much.

Biggest thing: too much money. Soup and salad (no bread for free and no refills) 8.15 - that's for lunch. I could have gone to Olive Garden, gotten endless soup, salad, and breadsticks for 6$ and I would have liked it so much better!

Oh, well. This is what you get when you try out new places - which is what I'll be doing the next 4 months while I'm here in Durham. There are so many places I have yet to try.

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