Monday, October 16, 2006

Restaurant Review - Guglhupf's

Atmosphere defines this place - much more so than the food!
I went there on Saturday with Claude. We had good fun. The atmosphere is cool contemporary. Very classic - I love it. It is quiet. It has fountains running outside to block the noise from the traffic since it is right on a busy road. It was a little cool to me, so we sat upstairs. It was so quiet up there, hardwood floors, looking out over a row of older homes.
I had a turkey sandwich on rustic french bread, with mustard (instead of their basil mayo they put on it). But, it had thick sliced of cucumber and watercress - fantastic. One of the best turkey sandwiches I think I've had in a while. The side though was a different story....cold cooked broccoli and cauliflower in a brown soy sauce. Won't get that side again.
The tea was great - We Wei tea. It was a red tea with a citrus flavor - very light and delicious!
So, go there for the atmosphere, tea, and bakery (even though I didn't try it) - its gotta be good! :)

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