Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cooks in the Kitchen

thought I would introduce you to people that I mention here on the blog. This is my family - and we are all cooks in our own right. From Left to right:

My Mom. She loves to bake - she is a little more adventurous in changing recipes then I am. We always had casseroles growing up and they were yummy.

My Dad - he can cook southern cooking with the best. I always ask him for southern veggie help: like collards, turnips, cabbage, etc. And he is always willing to share his expertise. His favorite recipe I have is his cajun black eyed peas - which will be made today in honor of New Years and then I'll put the recipe up.

Me. I got my love of cooking from my family - and my love of sharing it with others from my mentor in St. Augustine - Phyllis. You can find out who she is by clickin the "My Other blog" link on the right.

Tywonn - the newest and greatest addition to the Davidson family, she loves to bake. Since I am moving back to the Good State, I'm looking forward to baking and cooking with her more. She also loves to make Broccoli salad and pumpkin pie. Both - she is great at. Alan will eat all the pie!

Alan - He is the griller of the family. He loves to grill, anything and everything. Chicken, steak, fresh shrimp from the Keys. My fave thing that he has ever made for us is the broiled garlic whole onions he makes. He made them one year for Thanksgiving and they were incredible. A cross between sauted onions one would get on steak at a restaurant and the bloomin' onion you can get at Outback. Good stuff.

Anyway - enjoy! Now you know more about my culinary history

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