Monday, December 18, 2006

Restaurant Review - Vines Grille

This restaurant is in the Dr. Phillips' area of Orlando right off I-4. This is where we as a family went to eat for Ty's and my b-day. There were good things and bad things about it:
I'll start with the good:
Quiet - but we went early and were the only ones in the restaurant until we left
Great WineTaster - he came out and took our picture before we ate
Banana Spring Rolls - Alan suggested these and so did the waiter - they were great. Good ending
Boursin cheese on the board - it was really good. I don't like buying random new cheeses to buy because they are expensive (especially if I don't like them).
The salmon - dad really liked that.
The mushroom risotto - Mom got that and it was very yummy.
The Vineyard salad - great way to start off the meal - probably the best thing I ate the whole meal.

Now, for the negative:
Price - way over priced - dinners we got ranged from 24-38$. So, that is just insane to me. Especially since it wasn't the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.
Cheese board - there weren't enough apples or crackers to go along with it.
I chose the chicken - a little dry, so I didn't eat much of it (but my asparagus was great).

But, it was nice to sit as a family. Enjoy a meal, laugh at some of our knowledge (or lack thereof) of fine dining. Black napkins for black pants - why don't they have red napkins if I have on a red dress? Just a question. Alan said it got better and hopping as the night went on b/c of the live jazz. It probably would be a great place to come for a night out - wine and banana spring rolls and jazz - you can't beat that. So, maybe that is what I'll do next time I want good jazz music!

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Laura Williams said...

oooooh a restaurant from my neck of the woods (at least it was for a few years!) we went there for Eric's bday one year, and yes - nice, but WAY overpriced!!! thankfully we had a gift certificate!!!