Thursday, December 14, 2006

Restaurant Review - Parizade

Went to Parizade for our holiday lunch today for the office. I was pleasantly surprised in most things as I hadn't heard raving things about it.
Not the easiest place to get to.
Atmosphere is very loud so you can talk with the people around you and can't hear really anything else. So it would be better if you went with a few people and not a large group.
The wait staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The presentation was great and the dishes for lunch were very reasonably priced 3$-14$. Greek/Mediterranean food.
I had hummus with pita - good, little too garlicky for me, but good consistency and good olive oil. Some of the pita was burnt, too long on the grill! but the ones that weren't were delicious. Also had the spinach salad...spinach, walnuts, red onions, manouri (a new cheese for me, salty, grilled, cut in a wedge on top), oranges, and a sherry dressing. Very nice. The flavors went so well together.
The had a delicious looking dessert menu. But, since I had had the pitas and bread, I went for the sorbet and fruit. The cookie served with it was a spice cookie - a little too crispy for my liking. Fruit was good and the lemon sorbet was cold and amazing way to finish the meal.

I got to taste a co-workers shrimp frittata and it was real tasty as well.

So, maybe a place I would go back too for the hummus or the salad, place I would tell people to go, but I know my Dad wouldn't like it b/c it was too noisy - but overall - a pleasant lunch.

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