Friday, August 17, 2007

Food in Ft. Wayne

Well, there have been good places to eat here around the hotel in Ft. Wayne, just don't plan on going at 12 during the week - every place (which there aren't tons) are packed and lined into the street, especially when there are 1400 other people in town than who normally are.

But, Dad and I went to Toscani's for dinner on Wed night. It got crowded by the time we left. Raspberry vinegrette house dressing was good - thicker than most. Dad had a stromboli sandwich which was good with the taste of green peppers dominating each bite. I had purse-shaped pasta filled with sausage. They were good - but I thought over priced (13$). But, for 2 at an Italian restaurant for under 20$ for dinner, still isn't bad.

I've gone to a corner coffee shop called Higher Grounds, once for a shake and once for breakfast. Their shake was definitely the best. Something about a zebra was its name - vanilla ice cream with both Ghiradelli white and dark chocolate - it was about the best shake I've had.

Today, since every place I wanted to go had a wait longer than I wanted to wait, I went to a chinese place called the Double Dragon. It was relatively cheap (6$) for drink, soup, rice, and main dish - so I thought it was reasonable. I had General Tso's chicken - it was pretty spicy. I definitely was sweating by the time I finished half of it and was done. Their egg drop soup was too thick and not near as good as Charlie's in Chapel Hill. Oh, well - not much out there is.

Tomorrow hopefully will get to go to Dash-In or Pint and Slice for a good grilled cheese or calzone.

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