Thursday, August 02, 2007


Gilligan's in Charleston was proferred to us as a good dining place, so that is where we went tonight.
Well, there are some good and some bad things about this restaurant. First, I’ll go with the good. It is out of the way in Charleston – actually going back south on 17 – so you aren’t fighting most of the tourists, it is a more local place. The d├ęcor is rustic, but fun and clean. The price is fair for what you get – great fresh seafood and good hushpuppies. For example I had a grilled mahi mahi sandwich with three side items for 11$. Not bad. My mahi mahi – which I get every time it is on the menu (dolphin, light and flaky) – was perfectly cooked and seasoned. My fries were wonderful – especially dipped in a mix of tartar sauce and ketchup. Dad really liked the hushpuppies. The manager was very kind and wanting the best for our table, as was our waitress. Now, I must be true to my task: as to the bad. The hushpuppies, in my opinion, were heavily battered and too small. The salmon wasn’t too good – that was Dad’s meal. He asked for his steamed veggies to be really cooked – they weren’t even cooked enough for my liking. So, I ate two of the veggies and gave Dad my fried okra (breaded on site). He said they weren’t done enough either. The green beans, which I got toward the end of the meal – seemed to be those Italian cut green beans you get in a can. The manager took off our uncooked veggies and he was very kind to us. I would tell people to try it – the mahi mahi and fries are a true win!

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