Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So, Dad and I are visiting Charleston, SC (the new home of a precious newlywed) and my sister-in-law told me of a great restaurant I had to try - just 20 minutes away in Mt. Pleasant.
Seel's Fish Camp is a great little seafood place right off 526 (so very easy to find) - friendly, walk up ordering at the counter, paper towel roll on the tables, old signs on the walls, an ice cream cooler - just down home. It felt great. Harry, the owner, and Kim, his wife, are relatives of Keith and Mandy Devine - my brother's friends (and pastor) in NC. Keith married Alan and Ty. WEll, my girls will know about the wing sauce I make - and they love it. Well, the sauce that you get "dressed in Sunday best" style at Seel's - is the same stuff. It is Keith's sauce - who I learned it from.
Anyway, Dad and I both had a Shrimp Po Boy - an 8-in hoagie with about 8-10 medium fried shrim on it. Lightly battered so you can get the fresh shrimp taste. Perfectly cooked - and tasted great. It had tartar sauce on it with tom/lettuce. So, when you mix the Devine sauce it is a perfect blend on the sandwich. The hushpuppies that came it with were perfectly small. Looked like they used a small cookie scoop to get them so perfectly. Had a great mild onion taste to them. Their fries were a little salty to me, but Harry explained they were having issues with this shipment of potatoes they just got in this morning (they cut their own fries). Wash it all down with a A&W Rootbeer - perfect lunch.
Harry was very service oriented as he even cleaned off a few tables and talked with other customers. Thank you for a great dining experience - laid back, very southern seafood and delicious!

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