Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese Salad

Last night was a perfect opportunity to try this salad. I've seen many blog posts on this but never a recipe, so I just kinda went with it.

Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese Salad (6 appetizer salads)

2 bunches beets, peeled, chopped, roasted (olive oil, s/p, 400, 25-35 minutes)
goat cheese (1 small package, whichever one your knowledgeable Whole Foods cheese person picks out) - one of my new fave cheeses! Dr. W says it goes great on an omelette - so I will try that soon!
greens (your choice)
I used a lemon herb vinaigrette, but use a tart dressing

This salad was good. The only thing I would have changed was use a different dressing - or chop the herbs up more fine. But the contrast of the sweet (beets), salty and creamy cheese, and tangy dressing was great. Our tastes change over time. I never would have eaten beets with anything when I was younger. My salads were iceburg, tom, cuk, and cheddar cheese. Now, I never purchase iceburg, like different color grape or pear tomatoes (yellow pear are my faves), seldom put cuks on my salad and use all types of cheese. Usually beets, nuts, chick peas, craisins, toms, romaine or spinach, raisins, pumpernickel croutons (like at Ruby Tuesdays), red onions, that all makes for a great salad!


Anonymous said...

I have totally been wanting to make this salad- It is in 2-3 of my cookbooks but I've never tried it. I think they also include Orange sections in it too...yum...I love beets...

Brian, Mandy, Kate, Thomas, and Isaiah said...

What are you? Russian? :0) Here is a blog I think you would enjoy:

I love it since all of her recipes are ingredients you can find over here. Enjoy.