Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cozy places and far away eats

My last Sunday in Durham has been great.
Started out the day with hot chocolate, eggs, bacon, and some of a massive White Chocolate Fresh baked scone at Fosters in Durham. Shared all that and good, chilled conversation with Claudia. it was so fun. I'll miss that place - great food. But, also just a relaxed place that gets to know its customers and they don't shove you out when you finished your last sip of coffee.
Then for lunch, I had Thai food at - new experience I'd heard about in Thai eating just about 2 miles away from me. I just always go to Chai's - but there is always room for new stuff. I had their coconut soup which actually was surprisingly fantastic. Very yummy. It had mushrooms, scallioons, chili powder and tofu squares in it. I ate the scallions and left the rest - but the soup was downed - every bit of it. I had the Pad Thai Shrimp. It was better than most Pad thai I've had (which i didn't even like in Thailand). but, I only ate half and since i don't have any more meals at home before I leave (save breakfast) - I gave the leftovers to Kristin. Thanks Siha for the recommendation on hearing chai's is not open on Sundays!
To end the day - dinner was Macaroni Grill with Erin for her b-day. We had the bread - which was great of course (that's secretly why we went). We had the shrimp, spinach, artichoke dip. It was kinda soupy to eat with the thin crispy croutons they gave us - so we asked for my bread - then it was good. We also split the Honey Balsamic Chicken. It was very yummy - and if you split it you don't stuff yourself of have leftovers. And since it was in honor of her 21st b-day - they brought out a huge piece of their chocolate cake and we ate half of it. It was so dense and yummy. It would feed 4 people - that's how big it was. But, we weren't complaining - we were eating. Erin will finish off the rest. Happy B-day roomie!

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