Monday, February 26, 2007

Last days in NC/First day in FL

Well, the move is over.
Friday my Dad came up and we moved everything down on Sunday.
Friday night was my first time to 518 West in D-town Raleigh. Italian Cafe - really great. The balsamic was very flavorful, bread could have been better (only downside). Out of recommendation from a certain worship pastor from the Summit my Dad and I split the chicken marsala - juicy, thicker chicken that was so easy to cut, moist flavorful mushrooms, tons of mashed potatoes - even the skinny asparagus was great! I gave Dad a lot of my chicken because there was so much food. Their salad had jicama on it - that was great too. We had a friendly waiter and since we got in there right when they opened - we didn't have to wait and it wasn't loud. We sat upstairs with a good view of the turkey baklava place where MG gets those treats for her hubby.
Saturday was scones from Fosters Market. Butterscotch, Blackberry and then Country muffins. Definitely the butterscotch was the best. I will so miss that place. Why can't we have one of those down here?
Saturday for lunch Rach, Dad and I went to Red Robin. Great burgers and onion rings. Rach and I each got one and then split it. Mine was juicier b/c it was cooked less and had mayo on it - her's wasn't as juice - but still ok.
Since we weren't really hungry for dinner we just got some cold stone after Jason and Leslie's wedding.
Sunday was hummus from George's Garage and a sandwich for my Dad.
Bob Evans for breakfast with my Dad. "Where everybody knows your name". Not great service but what do you expect. Oatmeal was really good and so were the grapes, but the pineapple wasn't really in season.
I went to Lakeland Square Mall today with my mom for lunch (I used to work there in high school and on breaks from college). We split a lunch from Asian Chao. Their orange chicken was good, but didn't have much of an orange flavor. Beef and brocoli was good and juicy. Lo Mein I could have done without but their plantains were great! My Dad doesn't like asian food that much so my Mom and I will have to go without him.

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