Thursday, February 01, 2007

Skinny Foods

Sorry - these are not foods that will make you thinner, just good foods you can eat that maybe are better for you.

1. NEW FIND: Weight Watchers Carrot Cake Cakes (4 bites - maybe) of a carrot cake slice with cream cheese frosting. Just enough of a sweet thing to satisfy you. 1 point (app. 60 cal)

2. Baked Cheetos - these are just as yummy as the original ones, but I could probably eat the whole bag with no problem, so I don't have them around too often.

3. Craisins - even the generic Target kind are great. These are good, but high in sugar. 1/3 of a cup is 130 calories, no fat, and 2 fiber.

4. Egg White Omelets - 3 egg whites (60 cal, no fat) with some 2% cheese in it - yummy and high in protein.

5. Granola - Whole Foods has a soy granola that is amazing!

6. Low Fat Ben & Jerry's Half Baked (chunks of brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough in a chocolate ice cream). Mom and I first had it in Boston when we went shopping. It was yummy then and a pint is always good to have in your freezer!

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