Saturday, September 30, 2006

Carolina Cafe

I really liked the one in Chapel Hill. The atmosphere and people are nicer than the one in Cameron Village in Raleigh.
I went with one of my girls last night. Had a coupon, but then she treated - how cool was that?
The best part about half of my sandwich (I'll have the other half tonight) was the bread.
The wheat sunflower bread was so moist and fluffy. The sunflower seeds you could taste were toasted just right to bring out all the flavor. I could almost feel like I was watching a baseball game eating sunflower seeds in the spring on bleachers - but then flash back to a cool Friday night in Chapel Hill.
Hats off to the Cafe for having such delicious bread.
My friend cooks bread now all the time but I'm still scared of yeast - maybe one of these days. I stick with quick breads - which I love to make! :)

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