Monday, December 18, 2006

Restaurant Review - Barnacle Bills

My fave seafood place in St. Augustine. When I was returning from church and passed the one on the beach I saw they were closed for lunch on Sunday. I just about flipped out - not wrecking the car though! But, I looked it up online and saw the downtown one was open at lunch, so we went there. I so wanted Dat'l Shrimp!
Smokin' Smoked Fish Dip - it was pretty good (I ate too many crackers). And I think the smoked mullet dip that my mom makes is even better (she's making that this weekend when my papa smokes some mullet they caught recently). Especially now that she has some Dat'l sauce!
Minorcan Clam Chowder - Phyllis' is better. This one was spicy - but not real flavor, just heat. The crab was in such tiny pieces you couldn't really taste it. Go Phyllis!
Dad really liked his blackened alaskan salmon.
Mom and I split a dozen dat'l shrimp. They use a spicy dat'l rub on the shrimp then fry them and serve it with a mayo dat'l sauce. They were just as good as I was hoping they would be. Worth the wait!
Hushpuppies - they were good too. Mom thought they were a bit greasy, but they were round, fried, and ended up beind dipped in the dat'l shrimp sauce.

Our waitress wasn't the best, the prices are reasonable (8-16$ with 2 sides and hushpuppies) - for dinner prices (the only kind they have on Sundays). I like the beach atmosphere of the Beachside one better - downtown was ok, just a little more rustic.

Still holds the fave fried shrimp place! A close second is Billy and Jeremy's (a homemade take off Barnacle's since Jeremy and Jill both worked there).

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Anonymous said...

Hey - my fav. seafood place in St Aug is on the beach side of the Bridge of Lions - your link failed and I don't know which is your fav. so, give it up, please.
susan roberts