Friday, March 02, 2007

First Days in FL

Well, this has been an interesting week being in FL. Not even a week really - 5 days.
But, the guy down the street who has known our family for about 40 years now has the BEST Strawberries - and you know it is Strawberry Season in the Winter Strawberry Cap of the World. They are so juicy and sweet. "Like you are eating candy" - Dad.
I ate at Sonny's. Their mac and cheese wasn't that great, but their bbq sauce and smoked meat beats any of that vinegar based junk they serve in NC - no offense to people up there who like it.
I introduced my family to Gwaltney's Center Cut 40% less fat bacon on our BLTs today. They loved it as well - it will soon become a Davidson household staple!
My Mom and I take turns cooking, she has done a lot of it though as I have been sick and she knows what is what. She made these great sauces the other day for a meeting at church so we have been enjoying them as well.
My parents tried Lychees - a fruit from SE Asia that I tried both in Indo and Thailand this past year. I love them - they liked them as well (even if they were canned).
I miss George's Hummus and Madhatters and Caribou and Chai's. But, July will come soon and I can partake and bring back some leftovers to FL!

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