Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taste of Lakeland - Dragon Buffet

Mom and I are on this weekly thing to taste new places in Lakeland. Dad doesn't like asian food much so Mom and I have to try new things in that arena.
We went to Dragon Buffet as many people we knew had suggested it to us as a good place to eat. It was cheap enough - 2 of us for lunch for 12.30. That's not bad. It wasn't that crowded and they had plenty of food on the buffet.
Chicken and broccoli was good. The boiled shrimp would have been better if they were peeled. The sweet and sour pineapple was great and I enjoyed the pork and mushrooms. Those were my fave. For dessert we had some lf ice cream and these almost coconut macaroon cookies, but they were fluffier than the usual flat cookies. They were yummy!
Then the problem came...Mom commented that there was a ladybug on the wall. Ah, how cute - they are all over the place down here. But, upon closer examination, it was a small roach. You know when there are small roaches around there are bigger roaches somewhere. I was grossed out, trying to hurry what I was doing so we could get out. Then the roach started crawling - right onto the table. I lept to my feet and said alright, we are going. Mom gently put her glass of water right on top of it.
We said we'd never go back there - no matter how good the coconut cookies are.

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