Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Taste of the Latin World

Since I've been in FL, I've gone to two Latin restaurants: Columbian in Ybor City and El Coqui in Lakeland.
The Columbian is my fave Latin (Spanish) restaurant and this one was in Ybor City (old Cuban cigar shipping doc. They bring you a big chunk of Cuban bread. I had the ropa vieja - it was great! I get other things, but that was great. I love that place! There is nothing like it!
Mom and I tried out El Coqui http://www.elcoquirestaurant.com in Lakeland today. It means the frog I think in Spanish. It is a small PuertoRican restaurant in south Lakeland in a strip mall. We had the ropa vieja as well (not as good, too vinegary, as the Columbian), the yellow rice with red beans (which was seasoned very well), the tostones (which were great, but I put ketchup on them), and then the flan because they didn't have any tres leches cake. We will go back, but we won't have the ropa vieja again - we'll try something else.
I'll definitely have to go back to both of these again.

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