Sunday, March 18, 2007

Greene's and Grill

Went to this place at Millenia/Conroy (Orlando) last night with a good friend from college. We were both excited about it as she had heard from a friend that it was really good. There were some good points and not so good points. Here is the premise: a Moe's or Chipotle but a salad bar.
1. It was healthy (as long as you didn't get all the cream based dressings and cheeses as the toppings to your salad. I got the farmer's lettuce (romaine basically), craisins, mand oranges, green peppers, edamame, tomatoes, with citrus balsamic as my dressing. Then the grille on top that I chose was chicken. They mix it all up and serve it to you.
2. The grille had no flavor. The salad and the dressing I chose were quite good however.
3. We also got hummus and flat bread for our side (which of course cost extra). The hummus had a lime flavor to it, so I didn't really like it. The flat bread was more like a big tortilla that had been grilled, but in the mean time had been burnt in places, so it effected the whole taste.
4. The service was real good and the guy even came and cleared our place.
5. The restaurant was clean and bright/airy. It had quite a few people in by the time we left at 630.
6. The cost was the biggest downside. Mine was 12.50 for a salad (6.99), grille (2.50), and side. All I got was water. I could have gotten my salad much better and more of it at Sweet Tomatoes for 3 dollars less - and dessert and bread!

Anyway, the company was great, but maybe we'll pick a better place next time.

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