Thursday, March 15, 2007

A newfound faith in Carrabba's

Dad and I took a break from the Ligonier Conference today and drove down Apopka Vineland and ate dinner at Carrabba's. (there may only be one of those letters in that word - my brain is almost done for the day).
I'm not a huge fan - but it was actually really good today.
The bread was very warm so that is always good.
The salad was great - even though it was just romaine and 2 olives - but the dressing made up for it.
We split the PorkChops Marsala. It was phenomenal! The mushroom and marsala sauce was perfect, not to wine-y. The mashed potatoes had the perfect touch of skin and garlic. The only bad thing I can say is that the sauteed brocoli was cold. It tastes like they had used soy sauce, which isn't too Italian - but I could have been wrong.
Our service by C was incredible and he always refilled my room temp water with lemon - no ice!
Maybe I'll try this restaurant again and see if other ones can live up to the one on Apopka Vineland.

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