Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Week: Sept 21

The year creeps by. Its almost the end of September! Wow! Fall isn't quite in full swing yet, but it is slowly getting here in Louisville.
Going to eat up a lot of leftovers this week and enjoy some time out. The wknd starts housesitting and brings on the UK/UF game on Saturday night.
Monday: Panera (going to try their new breakfast power sandwich, minus one of the slices of bread) and Quills (with soup for lunch in between
Soups for the week: hamburger, rice, veggie soup - white chicken chili - vegetable barley soup
I've got cut up chicken for chicken salad
Spinach for a salad.
Breakfasts will either be yogurt and melon or peaches with granola or Oh's and oats with milk.
If I find the Bucs cookbook - I'll make those molasses cookies
Making some pumpkin muffins (thanks to a package I received in the mail this week) for a prof that were due last week. Roasting some tomatoes to freeze so they won't go bad thanks to a friend bringing me a bag of them - and I'm sure some of them will make their way onto a tomato sandwich this week. I also have hummus to eat with celery and carrots - roasted garlic hummus - yum!
Anyway - there you go.

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