Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silicon Muffin Liners - New Favorite!

I have to admit I am pretty skeptical about new cooking/baking gadgets. I mean - they have done it fine for so many years w/o it - why do they think we need it now?
I got some silicone muffine liners from my secret sister last year. Haven't used them. Until today. They are amazing. I have 18 of them - 3 packs. They are in pastel colors - today's color of choice being Tarheel Blue! I sprayed them lightly. They keep my pan clean, they help muffins cook evenly - and the muffins come right out of the liners. Amazing thing! Why buy so many cupcake/muffin liners anymore?

These should be relatively cheap - I highly recommend them to you! Pictures coming.

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