Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Week: Jan 11

Another week starts - and after everything I ate yesterday I feel like I never wanna eat again - but I already had breakfast so that didn't last very long.
Here we go:
Smoothies for 5 days for breakfast - green ones. Can't wait. Starting it off tomorrow morning with one with Becca.
Tonight is arthurs thin with pb and banana (unless I eat my banana early and then it will just be plain).
Tuesday is lunch with my friend Brandi - I just don't know where yet. Should be yummy no matter what it is!
I won't be able to get to the grocery store until tomorrow night (Tuesday), so will be doing leftover soup or Progressor Soup till then.
Heading to Bux tonight with a friend so I think I'll just do water and maybe 1 dark chocolate graham, we'll see how the day goes.
Recipe of the week out of a magazine is orange blueberry scones - make them for some doctoral students at my work. They should enjoy them.
W-F dinners will be egg white omelette salads with other yummy veggies or beans on them.
I will try making these chick pea burgers probably Wed night. Can't wait to try them.
Sat and Sunday (Lord willing no 8-9 feet of snow), I'll make my way to Chicago and Wheaton to hang out with Janel! Whoohoooo! :) I've been praying away the snow - at least a lot of it. Good eats up there. If I go, there will be a run down of Chicago eats! If I don't go, no, we won't even speculate!
Enjoy! What are you making and eating this week?


erica said...

wow! I need to get on top of my weekly menu planning seeing yours! Have a great week!!! :]

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to start planning my meals for the week again! I can't wait to hear how you like a green smoothie, I have been making smoothies again too just no green yet (but I love 'em). Perhaps next week ;-)

Heather @ The Single Dish said...

You will enjoy the chickpea burgers! They were good and perfect for leftovers!