Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taste of Wheaton: Butterfield's Pancake House

Love the internet. It created a safe haven for Janel and I to venture into suburbia for lunch after church. Though it didn't disappoint, it didn't exceed my expectations. It was good. Not fabulous.

Janel got the hash with chorizo, tomatoes, avocado, potatoes. It was good - there was other stuff in it too. She said it could have used less chorizo and more tomotoes. Came with an english muffin - which I had.

I got the acclaimed heart heathy Caramalized Banana Steel Cut oats. A huge bowl - massive. Good, but very sweet. Basically - a big bowl of steel cut oats - which I love. With a banana chopped up on top, sugar blowtorched on it - with a runny caramel sauce below. Good, sweet - filling.

Do I need to go back if I'm in the area - no not really. Good for lunch on a Sunday afternoon - yes. Very quick service and cheap (under 10$). So there you go.

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