Saturday, February 06, 2010

Menu Week: February 8

A full week again this week (when is it not). But, I have been a little more disciplined in my planning of menu this week in light of food and money. So, here you go:
Leftovers: beef stew - still gotta finish that off - still yummy. Bourbon chicken from Super Bowl dinner.
New recipe of the week: Bon Appetit's Consentino's Spaghetti with Tuna. I have all the ingredients. No need to spend money and the carbs will be good for running.
Baking: Peanut Butter truffles (actually, no bake) and Vday Sugar cookies for the Foster BYOB Party on Thursday night.
Thursday I think I'll be enjoying a Founder's Cafe Veggie wrap - so good - for lunch.
Saturday I am meeting up with some vegetarian/vegan folks for a meeting at the Zen Tea House - can't wait to try it.
Then on Sunday I'm having dinner with a SBTS prospective student and her family. Don't know where we'll go yet.

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