Friday, February 26, 2010

Menu Week: March 1

Wow - already here. Well, this is the start of the end for me here in Louisville. The next month of menus will have restaurants, dinners with friends, and few homecooked exciting meals.
Monday: making peanut butter cookies for 2 families with new babies. Enjoying some leftover soup that I just took out of the freezer. Dinner will be salad greens and turkey
Tuesday: Shiraz with Rayann - 2.99$ Falafel Tuesday. Dinner: I am making Ina Garten's roast turkey (on Sunday) and using it to make Simply Recipes Turkey Tetrazzini for a friend and their new baby. Serving alongside roasted broccoli, rolls, and pb cookies
Wednesday: lunch at Lotsa Pasta - my fave deli place in the Ville - with my friend, Sarah. Dinner will be greens and turkey.
Thursday: Dinner with Brandi - just the two of us (and the little guy). Don't know what we are going to enjoy yet - but it will be wonderful when we decide. You are getting two cookers together!
Friday: hanging with Tracy on Friday night but I think I need to eat some carbs for the Anthem 5k on Saturday morning.
Recipe of the week is Ghiradhelli's Double Chocolate cookies - making to take with me to Nashville.
After the race, I'm driving down to Brentwood, TN to go to the Pfunky Griddle to enjoy some whole grain pancakes with pb and bananas on top. Dinner will be with my best friend from high school and a wonderful mexican chicken salad she makes for me every time I come (because I request it).
Sunday is hanging in Brentwood and Thompson Station, lunch, and then maybe dinner with a friend at PeiWei.
Always enjoy traveling, cooking, eating out! Good week ahead!

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Anna said...

Mexican chicken salad? That sounds amazing. You should see if she would let you share her recipe with your readers.