Friday, March 05, 2010

Food Mantras

Bad food nights make me think so much about what needs to change in my life (usually on the morning after). Yesterday was just a bad eat day - I just ate all day. Especially with a yummy dinner with my friend, Brandi. Man, that girl can make some pulled bbq (and we had a salad).
So, I woke up this morning and thought more about this this morning (it wasn't all thought of this morning, but I had just put some final touches on it). And with changes in my life coming the end of this month (moving, sharing a fridge and freezer, having a Trader Joes and state farmers market close by where I live)...I have greater opp to put these into action.
What are your thoughts on these?

1. EAT LESS. Yes, we all know that, but let me explain. I mean, use little dishes, use little tupperware for meals and snacks to bring to work, be more mindful of portion control, eating less so I will start to be satisfied with less.
2. EAT BETTER. I have now almost completely cut out all processed foods from my diet. But, potato chips (even good for me ones) still make it into the grocery cart, some frozen dinners make it in there as well. I want to make all my salad dressings (which I do), granola bars, meals, snacks, etc. Maybe I'll start buying mostly organic, but I don't know that yet - especially the few times I eat meat, organic meat is so expensive! I don't think I want to go to a CO-OP of CSA because of the NC State Farmers Market that will be so close to me in a month. I am also excited about learning more about canning so I can do something with all these fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. SHOP MORE. This one may not necessarily go with the other two. I've always dreamed of living in a place like NYC or San Fran where I could walk down to the market and pick out what I wanted that day to eat and cook. I do love planning - but something about that is appealing to me. This will have to work because of sharing a fridge now. I need to have less stocked up and buy fresher ingredients. So, I want to go wknd farmers market shopping and then go suppliment that by TJ or HT or Super Walmart for the random things I need.
4. SPEND LESS. Am I really thinking this through? How can all these work? I have figured out that if I do the above three things, than I will actually accomplish this last one. I will waste less food, buy less because I'll be eating less, and be more picky about what I buy.

What are your food mantras or what do you think about these?


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Those will all work out better than you think... If you shop more, like lets say weekly, you will spend less. You won't be tempted to do those little grocery shops all the time. Produce is cheaper than processed boxed and canned foods.

I like those mantras. I think they are simple and completely reasonable.

My sister goes to NC State so I'm up that way all the time. I have never been to the farmers market but am dying to go. I'll have to go towards the summertime :)

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I completely agree with all of those things. I want to make more of my own foods too. I have made my own salad dressing several times and I think next up will be making my own bars since I hate spending $1 a piece on the good ones. I have recently started buying more organic food and I can't wait to hit the farmer's markets. All this while staying within budget should be fun ;-)