Monday, March 08, 2010

Taste of Nashville: Pfunky Griddle

What a neat place in a very popular and cool city.
A new friend took me here and I loved it. Walked in the door, the iCarly co-star was there (I didn't know it was her till I asked), they invited me to just help myself to the coffee.
This place was very interactive. You got to make your own food! Now, most people would not want to pay to make their own food, but I thoroughly loved it.
They had an organic 5 grain and a homestyle white pancake batter, we got mashed potatoes (for fried cakes), and I got some bacon. Vermon syrup was on the table and I got crunchy peanut butter as my topping.
Let's just say Amy and I ate our fair share of pancakes and potatoes (and bacon).
If you are ever in the Nashville/Brentwood area - off 65 at exit 81 - you must go. Fabulous prices, vegetarian options for lunch, and great staff!

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