Monday, March 08, 2010

Menu Week: March 8

My kitchen is getting more bare along with my fridge and freezer. My shopping lists are getting shorter - and my grocery budget is doing well!
Here we go:
Turkey, turkey orzo soup, turkey salad with celery and craisins. Those are the bulk of the main dishes. Have to use up my turkey (yum)!
New dish this week: lumberjack hash for Friday's breakfast with Becca. Topped with an egg white - can't wait to try it! Its from a Cooking Light magazine.
Eats with people this week: lunch with my friends Bonnie and Laura tomorrow, dinner with a prof and his family, Wed is dinner with another prof and his family, Thursday is lunch at Founders with a co-worker, Saturday is brunch with some girls at Toast on Market downtown Ville, and coffee at Java with a friend. Sunday is shopping with my friend Sarah at Amazing Grace and Whole Foods. Fun times!
So - gotta eat less this week. This past wknd was rough on the waistline and the scale! But, oh so yummy!

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