Saturday, March 20, 2010

Menu Week: March 22

This is it. This is my last full week in the Ville. And not even that because I'll be heading to Chattanooga for a conference on Thursday - back late Saturday night. Then only here for 2 days. Wow! This week is baking and eating out mostly. Here we go:
Monday: oatmeal, Cafe LouLou with Sarah, homemade margarhita pizzas and salad with Liz for a movie night. Baking a simple granola.
Tuesday: oatmeal, leftover pizza and salad for lunch on SBTS grounds with Michelle and Jenny - two foodies here on campus I've gotten to know. Dinner is with Josh and Shana and Truett - I'm bringing fruit and yogurt parfaits for dessert.
Wednesday: Calistoga Cafe with Becca for our last book breakfast. Rayann gave me a BOGO coupon so that will definitely help. Lunch is at Grape Leaf with Aarica before we go get the rental car. Dinner is whatever I need to use up in my fridge before leaving for Chatt.
Thursday - breakfast for the wknd is thins with pb and fruit. Lunch will probably be some sandwiches after we set up for the conference. Dinner: so many great restaurants. I'll definitely shoot back on those later.
Friday: same as Thursday.
Saturday: same for bfast and lunch, then hiking with Tasya. On the way back we'll eat some sandwiches.
Sunday: early morning breakfast with the Joneses, lunch will be whatever will fuel me for a run with Sarah, then dinner is late with Rach when she gets in town of Lotsa Pasta pasta with a roasted tomato and pepper sauce - blackberries with yogurt and agave for dessert. Yum!
Baking this week: chocolate chip cookies and chocolate orange brownies. Hopefully both turn out better than last week's FAIL.
I'm already looking forward to this week and looking forward to my first week of cooking in a new apt/old city next week!

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