Thursday, June 05, 2008

Baking in America - Patent

Yesterday - I got a new cookbook. One of my friends who is a great cook gave it to me. I am excited about it - if I ever have anywhere to take this desserts.
Baking in America is sort of a history book and baking book all in one. It gives the history behind many recipes (Boston Cream Pie, chocolate uses in cakes, Crullers, Lady Baltimore Cake, etc).
I have already starred many ones that look great, but there are less places here to bake. Up here (in the north) there aren't as many potlucks, seminary people are very busy so they don't have people over as often, so many people are health conscience (as they should be).
So, I'll have to bake sometime - find different people to give it to - and enjoy the hospitality of it all.
Thanks for the book Lindsay!

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