Monday, June 30, 2008

Mexican in Louisville - El Tarasco

There are several reasons I love Mexican food. One is because I seldom cook it myself. 2 is because it is relatively cheap. 3 is because there is always cheese - and who doesn't like cheese? 4 is because usually the restaurants have a fun atmosphere.
Well, El Tarasco in the St. Matthews area across from Trinity High School was a great treat. I went with a couple of friends last night after church to chow down. First - they know all the wait staff in that place - and they order the same thing - do you think they go there often? But after eating there, I now know why.
They had fun live music which didn't drown out the place - so people could actually still talk. The hot salsa was good with chips that were warm. I got a chicken enchilada and a chicken soft taco. Both were great. The meat wasn't too tough in either of them and there was plenty of sauce and cheese.
And I love paying only 5$ for dinner! :)
So, this place will definitely have to go on a "regular" list of places I go here in the ville. And with gas prices so high - I could walk there!

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