Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Florida Food

My family and I just went on a Suwannee Houseboat Excursion and then ate at two restaurants, so I wanted to do some highlighting.
One the way to the Suwannee - we met up in Wildwood, FL at a truckstop - diner food, but nothing to write home about.
First meal on the boat was chicken salad that I made. Alan asked if it was "good for you chicken salad?" I love my chicken salad. Chopped up lemon-pepper rotisserie chicken from Publix, mayo (to liking), regular and stone ground mustard, celery, green onions, grapes (both purple and green), and pecans. It was yummy!
Mom had made rubs for the chicken quarters Alan grilled: American BBQ and Southwestern. I liked the American BBQ better. It had some brown sugar in it that made the skin really fantastic and slightly crunchy off the grill. We also had grilled corn on the cob - one of my favorite things!
Breakfast was anything - fruit, granola, yogurt, cheese, apples, etc.
Lunch was leftovers - I actually had a pb/apple sandwich right after I got done swimming in Manatee Springs.
Dinner - Dad and Alan split a cow from Arcadia and we had some of the T-bone steaks off of it. Alan marinated it in W-shire, garlic, and probably something else too - but it was really good. We also had some grilled squash/onions, and potatoes/onions, and some more corn on the cob. Yumm-o as RR would say. Then we cut up two fresh pineapples for dessert.
On the way home from the Suwannee - we ate at Frogs. Frogs is a little hole in the wall in Williston, FL. Years ago it was much better, but it has had a couple of fires. They have frogs from different places sitting on the order counter - just about 5 tables in the place and some outside. Best thing: medium (heat) bbq pulled pork sandwich. Dripping in a red specialty sauce, rapped in white parchment paper, fries dumped on top, in a brown lunch sack - and a canned soda - all for 6 bucks. Yummy. Papa and I would stop there so much. I had a couple bites, Mom had the rest. Dad took us to the Collannade on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa for an early dinner. I had the grilled shrimp and salmon. Salmon was really good. Shrimp were definitely over cooked. Creamed spinach was good too - but I only had a couple of bites. Salad was a normal salad - nothing fancy. They are known for their bread: a variety of mini-muffins: corn, blueberry, cranberry - I had one of each. Very moist, perfectly cooked. Mom and I split the strawberry shortcake - that wasn't much to write home about either. So, if you go - just get the salmon and the bread - you'll be set!

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