Saturday, July 26, 2008

DQ, Godiva, and Vegetables

What a title! What a day!

Danny (Connections Pastor at my former church, the Summit, in Durham, NC) emailed the other day saying he had found an incredible drink - and only for $2.02 I think. It was the Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha. I do NOT like coffee, but I am glad he had found it. Well, I was at my neighborhood walmart today and thought I would look. I didn't find any Starbucks, but I did find a Godiva Dark Chocolate Mocha - for $1.28 (saving more than Danny). I got to my car, shook it up, popped the top (pop!) and oh goodness - it was good. I immediately called him and left a message and told him it tasted like a too good to be true Slim Fast shake - only better! There isn't much of a coffee flavor so that is great. And dark chocolate is similar to coffee - only a tad bit sweeter! So, I have a new favorite drink. Thanks Danny and Godiva!
I went hiking today and have exercised well all week - so I stopped by DQ on my way back from a park today. I love the combination of oreos (the best American store bought cookie hands down) and ice cream. You can't beat it in my opinion. So, I got the Oreo Brownie Earthquake. The oreos of course were great, the brownies were too rich, so I left one of those, and the ice cream is soft serve - so its not much compared to Cold Stone. But, it was good, cold, and I didn't gobble it down and I didn't leave it all.
Then I went to my favorite veggie stand - Garden Gate - on the corner of Bardstown and Breckenridge. I found all sorts of things: KY golden tomatoes and june Amish apples, patty pan squash, watermelon, pole beans, lemons, a tomato to have a tomato sandwich later in the week - yummy, kiwi, and some corn on the cob. Can't wait. I'm cooking the pole beans tonight!
Whoo hoo.
Well, that is my food for the day...good finds.

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