Monday, July 14, 2008

Taste of Louisville - Skyline

"Its Skyline time" - at least it was for me today.
Today was my first chance to eat at Skyline. First, let me say the good things about Skyline
1. The price - I paid 5$ for lunch - salad and a coney
2. The company - I went with my friend Brandi
3. The oyster crackers. Instead of chips and salsa - they bring you oyster crackers. They were fluffier than most I've had.
4. Fresh tomatoes on the salad!
Ok - here is the negative (sorry, it wasn't my favorite place)
1. The chili - I think the cap came off their container of cinnamon.
2. Not your normal hot dog - don't know what it was.
3. I'm glad there wasn't much chili on my coney but that was sad too - there wasnt much on there.
4. The help: never brought ketchup for Brandi's fries and I got the wrong dressing for my salad, so I ate it plain.

Anyway, I guess there is a first time (and a last time) for everything.

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