Monday, July 21, 2008

Taste of Knoxville - Barleys

This weekend was spent in a gorgeous state - Tennessee - and the last leg of the trip was to Knoxville.
Our dinner was at a bar/pub called Barley's. We got in before cover so that was good since we didn't stay for the band. (But, we had to leave our cars because they were blocked in, oh, well. Add to the adventure).
By the time we figured out our pizza order - 2 girls, 4 guys - not easy to pick pizzas. We finally ordered 2 large, one Barley's All-American, 1/2 Hawaiian and 1/2 something with black olives.
These were the good things about the pizza:
1. The crust. We got the wheat crust. Very thin till you got to the back part of the crust - then it was nice and chewy - with just enough salt to make it really really yummy!
2. The Hawaiian. It has feta cheese on it (with ham and pineapple). The feta made the texture different and gave it a really good flavor. The pineapple wasn't the best, but oh well.
3. The Italian Sausage. This was on the Barley's All-America. It wasn't crumbled italian sausage - it was sliced italian sausage - and it was just a bit spicy and added great flavor.
We had a good time - despite our waiter who wasn't that great. It was a fun night!

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