Monday, July 28, 2008

Taste of Louisville: Havana Rumba's

Among the staff in the school I work, there are a couple of popular restaurants. One of those is a little Cuban restaurant in the St. Matthews area called Havana Rumba's.
I've been there plenty of times, never having a bad thing. The only thing that changes is the service, sometimes good, sometimes a little less than good.
I've had their cuban (my first time there) with their sweet potato fries. Amazing on both accounts. Maybe not quite the Columbian in Ybor - but close. The fries are amazing though, hands down the best.
Second was the Vaca Frita - beef with peppers, rice, black beans, and plantains - the black beans and plantains are worth a trip in and of themselves. One time a bunch of profs went there (and me) I think all but one of us got this meal. It is definitely a favorite.
I then got the Ropa Vieja. That has been the thing that wasn't good enough to have again - it was too greasy.
I've had their yuka fries (great), cuban bread pudding (good, stiffer than normal bread puddings).
Yesterday I went with a family after church and wanted to get something healthy. So I had their Tropical Salad with grilled shrimp. The shrimp was great, grilled and marinated. It has oranges, mango, papaya, and spanish walnuts on it. It was good. I just didn't feel like I had been to Havana Rumba. It was a salad I could have gotten anywhere.
But, I did have a yuka fry and I stole some of Hannah's sweet potato fries. I had some leftovers of pork and black beans for dinner - so, it turned out great!
If you like Cuban food - check it out. I took my parents when they came to town!

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