Friday, July 25, 2008

Food Blog World

I love Google Reader. Currently, I think I have about 130 blogs I keep up from theology, friends, food, etc. This picture is a mix. One of my dear friends, Tonya, just made this cake for her son's 1 year bday. I think she did an amazing job (she's the one who gave me the Strawberry Pie recipe). She's a fantastic cook as well!
I think you can tell a lot about food world if you see what other people are cooking since most people get at least their ideas of food from cooking shows, food magazines, etc.
So, here are some trends:
Grilled - of course its summer - grill anything and everything
Chocolate chip cookies - this has been the buzz word of the summer
Whoopie Pies - and I'm just not a fan, or maybe I'm just not a fan of moon pies - there is a difference.
Basil - and I have some cinnamon basil growing in my house right now, so I need to use that.
This is my other thought right now on food:
I am doing Weight Watchers (4th time, maybe this time I'll keep it off) - but discussing with a friend today:
Does Weight Watchers build in a "sin choice". This is what I mean. Overeating is a sin (at least in my thought process - being in light of the Bible). When I am full I need to stop eating. Bad things aren't good for me. Everything in moderation right? Well, when Weight Watchers builds in those 35 flex points - and I use them all on one day (usually after I weigh in once a week) - aren't I sinning just to keep "on program"? I eat weigh too much food - sometimes even when I'm not hungry - I just know I don't have to step on the official scale for another 7 days.
Thoughts? What are you cooking? Are you hip on any of the food trends?


Brandi said...

I really don't know about the whole 35 flex points thing. When I did WW I would sometimes use all of them on one thing. I think that the points are there to tempt us, thus causing us to become gluttons on Saturdays! I think the key issue is "will power".

What I'm cooking: I made a dark chocolate semi-sugar-free cake with SF cherry sauce for my boss's birthday. :)

Unknown said...

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