Thursday, July 30, 2009

Menu Week: August 3

So, since I'm going out of town this wknd and have a little bit of time today - I thought I would go ahead and post my menu for next week. It will again be a short week since I'll be heading to the Good state for a wedding for the weekend. Can't wait. But, also am looking forward to a Summer Progressive Dinner this week with friends.

Monday: egg white omelettes on salad
Tuesday: yogurt - big dinner. Bonnie has the first course. For the main course I'm doing Foster's Roast Turkey Pulled BBQ sandwiches, corn pudding with roasted tomato sauce, my Mom's cole slaw, and tomato slices. Laura has the dessert.
Wednesday - recipe of the week: Blueberry Muffins from 5-a-Day Fruit and Vegetable Cookbook. We'll see how it turns out. This has descriptions of ALL sorts of fruits and veggies. It'll be good to see if the recipes are great.
Thursday. Some turkey bbq for the road so I don't have to spend money on food - and fruits and veggies for snacking. Durham is a long haul from here in one day.
Friday: Breakfast with Clarissa, tea with Kelly at Madhatters, lunch at Las Mas with the Finns, Ashfords, and Rach. Dinner at Black Lake Resort for the rehearsal of Erin and Jason's wedding.
Saturday: WEDDING!
Sunday: Caribou with Bonnie, brunch at Foster's with Meredith, then starting the long haul back from Durham to the ville.

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