Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menu Week: July 27

I'm going to call this week cleaning out stuff that's in my fridge week. Although I'll still be making some new things, I have a very short grocery list. Why? I keep a well-stocked kitchen and I'm going out of town on Thursday. Can't wait to hang out with high school friends, go hiking, go to a cool coffee place in Chattanooga, and a great church on Sunday. Who knows what this wknd will hold? This is what the week holds in food though:

Roasted chili-lime chicken
Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins
Egg white omelettes on greens
black beans
Overnight Oatmeal muffins (recipe for this week out of the Cooking Light 2003 cookbook)
Dried Fruit scones (last week's recipe)
Fruit salad for a secretary breakfast this week in honor of Aarica's bday
S'mores Brownies for my old small group's summer fest and for me to take to my friend's house on Thursday - because she loves brownies.

I only have 8 things on my grocery list. Wow! Which is good! Let's see if I can stick with the list!

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